Fad Diet to Lose Weight Quickly


Our fast moving lifestyle forces us to get everything very quickly. We all try short cuts to achieve success. So we lose thinking ability to consider whether this ideas are beneficial for us. This rule also applies to our health issues. We do not concentrate to our health and if any negative thing occurs then we seek quick solution. Obese or overweight people fall in temptation of fad diet.

Fad diets refers those diet plan, which pledge to lose weight more quickly but these diet plan lacks scientific base. Most of the time it is seen unusual and restrictive food plan is done which brings more harm than benefits.


What is Fad Diet?


Fad diet, which promises to lose weight within a very short period by including sever restrictive diet plan. It work in short term and people get some hand to hand result. But after a certain period the efficiency of fad diet does not exist. It has no scientific base for which it fails to provide long-term result. This type of diet plan is developed for people who want quick result and who are commercially profitable for the developer of these diets. It is actually developed from commercial point of view. It is not favorable for your health in long term. Some weight it loses but it is from your water weight not your muscle weight. The fad diets looks very appealing and promises to give quick results. Some example of high protein diets are given.


High Protein Diets


This diet recommends eating mainly protein like meat and eggs for reducing weight. At the same time, it suggest to do regular physical exercise. Although you lose some weight from water weight but it is not beneficial in long term as excess consumption of protein damages liver and kidney.


Liquid Diets


Liquid diets reduces nutritional intake in the diet to keep it low calorie. So it lack necessary nutrients. For example the impact of liquid diets is short term as soon as you start taking regular foods it means you are putting your body under huge pressure.


Grapefruit Diet


Having only grapefruits in your meal causes some weight loss but restricting other foods in your meal will lead to lack of essential nutrients.


Juice Based Diets


Some diet suggest to take juice or broth which is much more restrictive. If you follow this type of diet for long time you may afflicted with dizziness or fatigue. It also lowers metabolic rate that means body burns less calorie.


Problems of Fad Diet


Less Effective in Maintaining Long Term Weight


Most diet offers quick solution by instructing very restrictive diet plan. So it becomes very difficult to follow in long term. When the weight is lost people go back to old diet and start getting weight again.


Risk of Chronic Disease


Fad diets restrict many nutrients essential for protecting much chronic disease such as heart attack, cancer, blood pressure etc. 


Kidney Stones


Fad diets are mainly rich with protein, which creates huge pressure on kidney. Protein rich diet causes formation uric acid and calcium oxalate, which leads to kidney stone.




Ketosis is a condition that occur when your body gets less energy from carbohydrates and collects energy from fat. This is unnatural and it is not good for the overall health.


So if you are really serious to lose weight then don’t be tempted these fad diet rather consult with doctor to check whether it is suitable for you or not. Before following any diet check some fact like whether it is promising quick fix, offering any products, having scientific research etc.


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