Exercise to Get Flat Stomach

Flat stomach is a dream to the people who want to be fit and eye-catching. Most of us covet for a slim and pretty stomach. Frankly speaking, fitness cannot walk hand to hand with obesity. A flat stomach is the only phenomenon that definitely can make you fit and attractive. And without doing proper exercise your stomach may not be a flat one. Here I am present with some pragmatic exercises that make your stomach flat; and those are from my own experiences, not hired from someone else. 


Many think the main culprit of being fat is what you put into your mouth. Diet can control your obesity and obviously give you a flat stomach, but most of the time only controlled dieting cannot give satisfactory shape to your stomach. There are many unlucky persons who literally eat less, but they find their stomachs are getting bigger and bigger day by day. This is because they need proper exercises by the side of controlled and moderate dieting.


Walkout from Pushup Position



Your full body involves in this exercise as the arms and legs are fully used. Firstly, start in pushup position with your hands two inches wider than your shoulders. Secondly, walk your hands out as far as you can then walk back. Try to do it 10-12 times repeating the same exercise. Thirdly, lift one of your legs and start walking. You would get the result soon that your stomach has become fatter than before.


Alligator Drag



The exercise connotes ‘dragging yourself like n alligator’. Have you ever noticed how does a crocodile walk? You have to walk like that. You have drag like that to stabilize your body and thus additional calories from your body will be burnt. Dragging yourself along the floor assures you getting a flat stomach. At first, choose a long floor on where you can crawl forward at least 10 to 20 yards. Avoid using slippery floor which will not allow you to crawl for long time. Walk forward and cross the 10 yards distance without any rest, now stop and take rest for 60 seconds and repeat the alligator walk back from where you have started. After finishing one set, repeat it. Don’t repeat more than 5 times for the first days. You might feel pain on your limbs, otherwise. Have you ever imagined an alligator-like walk can reward you a flat stomach? No? Man, this is why crocodiles are not fat and can run faster than human being.


Dumbbell Swing



Swinging dumbbell or kettlebell can be a great way of making your stomach flat. This exercise is one of the easiest and convenient ways of getting a flat stomach, as it doesn’t need spacious space or costly gym materials. First, bend at your hips and then hold a dumbbell by both of your hands at arm’s distance in front of you. Then dangle the dumbbell and place it between your legs, grasp your glutes (The strong muscles of the buttocks) and swing the weight to your shoulder height. Allow swinging the weight. You need to reverse the action to swing the dumbbell between your legs once again. Keep continuing the swing back and forth until you get tired. Seems a hard work? You need to do some hard works Dude, for getting a lucrative flat stomach.



Squat Thrust



You don’t need to read, just follow the steps shown in the picture. Here are some tips so that you guys won’t be confused following the picture. You have to stand straight with your feet and the standing should demand little bit wider than your shoulder. The next step is to bend at your hips and knees squatting down and letting down your body till placing your hands on the floor. Have you ever done backward kicking at your childhood ages? If no, try now like the third step. Turn it into a pushup position and without being late reverse the move through quickly standing up from the squat and stand like when you were in the first step. Repeat and repeat daily. After a few days you will notice the change at your stomach, it’s started getting flatter.


There is a saying, “The more you read, the more you learn.” Keep in your mind this slogan from now on, “The more you do exercise, the more quickly you get a flat stomach.” Best of luck!


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