Do Hormones cause Weight Gain?


Some people say that they are doing everything for lowering their weight but they are not getting expected result. Some follows more strict diet and perform more intense workouts. They do many weird thing to reduce their weight but they fail in every attempt. But they don’t consider that weight gain is not all about of diet and workouts. Inside your body, some activities take place, which are beyond your control. Hormones plays a significant role in regulating weight gain or loss process.


This hormonal game goes without your consciousness that is why what is happening is not expressed properly. Most of the people blame estrogen for fluctuating weight loss. But there are other type of hormones that are also responsible for weight gain. So there is no doubt that hormones contributes a lot to raising and lowering weight.


How Hormones Contributes in Weight Gain


Hormones control everything of our body. How we will behave with others, our energy level and our mental condition everything is regulated by hormone. Our look, puberty, adulthood, menopause is all magic of hormones. That is why it is necessary to know mechanism of hormone so that you can aware of what to do to lose weight.


Female characteristics is mainly developed by estrogen a female hormones. This hormone causes all female characteristics such as breast and hip structure. During menopause all hormones goes down including estrogen this is related with weight gain. Progesterone decrease more than estrogen during menopause but there is still estrogen dominance remain in the body. When this incident happens body gains more weight. To reduce estrogen level decrease red meat and sugar at the same time perform exercise.


Another hormones that is hugely responsible for weight is cortisol. It is also known as stress hormone. Although it is very common to have stress and most of the people. According to a research, excessive cortisol causes storing visceral fat. Caffeine causes more cortisol level in the body. So you have to avoid consumption of caffeine.


Leptin is also causes weight gain. This hormone tell your body that you are full. But when you consume too much fructose containing foods your body store them as fat. This cause to produce excess leptin and when body contains too much leptin and become leptin resistant. Then your body cannot send massage that whether you are full or not. So you continuously eat more foods. A good sleep is enough for balancing cortisol. So if there is any doubt that you are having too much leptin then you take deep sleep.


Weight gain is caused by increased production insulin level. If this hormonal balance disrupts then you have then you may face difficulty in controlling weight. So if you are fond of eating sugary foods then you insulin level will remain up. So it will be difficult to lose weight. To control insulin level in the body you can drink apple cider vinegar, it will improve your blood sugar. Besides, you have to include more protein in your meal, decrease glycemic carbs and exclude sugar-contained foods from your diet.              


So it is hormones which also contributes inside to regulate your weight gain or loss. So if you are suspecting that you are not losing weight as much as it is expected you should consult a doctor to whether there is any hormonal imbalance. If it is then immediately take preventive measure as it hormone is very sensitive for our health.


It is also necessary to keep monitoring hormone level. If it is too low or too high both can cause harmful for health. So it is being advised to stay alert about hormonal balance to carb weight gaining.


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