Diet or exercises?


Those who regularly exercise should never be overweight. So if you are overweight, I know you don't like exercise. In most cases my readers don't like to exercise, and they don't want to diet either. If you do, you should not visit my site. Now the question is should you go for dieting, or exercise or both. Let's discuss in detail. It is not really practical to expect that you will do exercise for years to come. You may go for it, forcefully, if I request, but how long you can continue, when you don't like it? Those who are willing to go for exercise, are welcome. But if you don't like it we have to plan something. Don't be too happy, our plan will include some sort of exercise, depending on your current structure, but it should not be for years.


The formula is very simple; you must limit calorie consumption or burn extra calories to lose weight, to flatten your stomach or to lose fat from you tummy area, whatever your goal is.


Limiting calorie intake means dieting and burning extra fat or calorie means exercise. Mathematically any of these two should work. So what are you thinking? You like to eat, so you will compensate and lose weight by excessive exercise? Or you hate exercise so instead of doing exercise you will go for dieting?


Caution, any of the above two method will have disastrous effect on your health.


According to Michele Olson who is a professor of Physical Education and Exercise Science at Auburn University, losing weight without exercise means you are mostly losing muscle not fat. It also affects your bone density. Exercise ensures muscle growth that means you are cutting off body fat.


So what if you go for ‘exercise only’ option to lose fat from tummy area to flatten your stomach. Mathematically that’s possible but practically impossible. There are some fast food items which may have more than five hundred calories and to burn that you will need to run more than four miles, are you ready for that?


Experts say, weight loss programs should be designed in a way that diet has 75 percent and exercise has 25 percent contribution, because cutting calories from food is easier than burning through exercise.


Finally I would like to remind you one more thing, muscle is denser than fat. That means in first few months proper weight loss plan combining exercise and dieting may have very little effect on your weighing scale, but you will notice your cloths fit better because your volume has decreased.


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