Diet myths about getting flat stomach


Diet is an important part of getting flat stomach. There are some diet myths, which are counterproductive.


Starvation myth:

I have seen many people who reduce food intake dramatically thinking it will lead them to complete flat stomach. But it’s a dangerous and unhealthy step which is will not work. Your body needs certain amount of calories and other nutrients for daily activities and normal process. Yes, starvation will give you flat stomach. But it’s not possible to continue on extremely low food intake and its side effect is slowing down your metabolism. That means when you will start to eat normally there is possibility that you will gain more weight.


Carbs are always enemy myth:

Many people think carbohydrates should be avoided totally to get flat stomach. Like other nutrients, carbs are also essential. You just need to make sure that you are taking the right type of carbs. You can avoid refined carbohydrates like sugar and go for low GI sources like wholegrain, which is also good for your digestive system.


Fat free food myth:

Many people think they are trying to get flat stomach so they need to stop consuming fat because fat on tummy area is the culprit. So they try to eat low fat or fat free food. But the reality is you need to concentrate on calorie, not fat. There are many fat free foods in market, which has high sugar content to improve taste. Actually, foods with little fat are better than those foods. Don’t forget fat is also a necessary nutrient for human body. Some research suggests that unsaturated fat (e.g. olive oil) may be beneficial for losing weight. So always, make sure your calorie consumption is not higher than accepted limit and don’t hesitate to include foods that contain unsaturated fat on your menu.



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