Daily Habits to Keep Weight Off


When you are in a battle of losing weight, you have to continue this fight against weight for rest of your life. Your fight does not end with losing some weight rather the main fighting starts with after losing weight. It is natural to gain some weight after few months. A study, which was conducted in 1999 shows that only 20% of overweight people succeeded to lose almost 10% of their weight and few of them, can maintain this weight for a year.


The difficult thing of weight loss is you have to follow up your progress day to day. If any ignorance takes place then it will lead you weight gain again. But there are some people who are lucky to hold their desired weight for long time.

Moreover, it is seen that these lucky people shares some common characteristics. They do some activities repeatedly, which are the factors that help to maintain weigh in long term. I will discuss some common daily habits found in some people who are successful in keep weight off.   


Maintain a Regular Meal Rhythm


If you want to maintain a regular weight then you have to maintain regular meal plan. Some people avoid their regular meal expecting that it will be conducive to their weight maintaining. But this idea is totally opposite of the required rules of weight loss. When you are not maintaining a regular meal plan then your digesting system loses its rhythm and goes crazy for foods. So be regular in having your meal regularly.


Consuming Fruits and Vegetables Frequently


There is no doubt that fruits and vegetables are natural source of nutrients with little amount of calories. If you regularly keep plant-based foods in your meal then you will get required amount of vitamins and minerals. It is one the most common characteristics found in those people who successfully maintain their weight.


Move Your Body


Only eating and exercise is not enough to keep your body fit. Think once how much time you spend in workout or how much you are conscious in your eating habits. Your 24-hour lifestyle is involved to maintain a healthy and fit body. Keep your body moving so that your body remain in rhythm of checking your weight. You don’t need to take any extra effort rather focus on your little activity. For example, you are going to office, so walk to the bus stop or your office is in upstairs so don’t wait for elevator rather go on foot.


Develop a Habit Sound Sleep


It is said that if you want to maintain a toned body for long time then you have to maintain a habit of regular sound sleep. Several studies found that people who have sleep less than 7 hours tend to be more overweight and crave for more eating.


Switch to Healthy Foods


Many people start their mission to keep weight off with a lot of enthusiasm but they give up very soon. So very quickly they start gaining weight. Most of the time what happen is people resist themselves from eating their desired foods but within few days they fail to hold that commitment and switch to unhealthy weight gaining food. They swallow junk and fast food, which contains little nutrients but high calorie. You should switch to healthy low calorie snacks or drinks.


Monitor Your Progress


It is very common that people focus on the eating habit but don’t monitor the progress. They allege that they have no time to shop healthy food or plan more effective way of exercise. But you have to follow up your progress to determine whether you are going to right way or not.

It is required to make some changes that help you to develop a supporting lifestyle that is conducive to keep your weight off. When you lifestyle becomes more supporting then it is easy to hold a balanced weight for long time.


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