Common Reasons why You are not Losing Weight

Losing weight does not mean that you should restrict eating habit and plan strict workout. It is still depends on some other facts related with your overall lifestyle. You are taking diet food but don’t know how much you should eat or what type of food you need to avoid. Very easily, a lot of calories may be added to your meal by adding one table spoon of butter or a pack of chips. It might seem a trivial matter but this small matter may cause very big difference.


On the other side, it is seen that you are following very good diet plan but you lead a very inactive and sedentary lifestyle, which is also a reason for not losing weight. So there are various factors that are responsible for not losing weight according to expectation.


Are you Eating too Quickly?


It is very common that you are eating too fast so it is difficult to count how much calorie you have swallowed. Rather eat slowly enjoying every bites. When you eat slowly your stomach gets enough time to feel whether it is full or not. Eating slowly helps to feel you full with small amount of foods. So check out whether you are going too fast with your foods.


Skipping Meals


Many of us have a common notion that skipping meal will help you to lose weight. But it is a big mistake that most of the people do. They skip but when they eat, they consume more than it is needed. As a result, your body gets enough calories and leads you to gain weight.


Having Less Protein


Protein reach meal increases metabolism so your food converted into energy too quickly. On the other hand, protein rich foods takes more effort to be digested, which requires enough calories to spend. Protein also carb appetite and you remain cram full for long period. So if you lack protein in your meal then include it in your foods quickly.


Not Taking Balance Foods


Have you thought whether the foods are balanced or not. If you are not sure then there is a chance of not losing weight. If your body does not get necessary nutrients then it may lead to many health complexities. Always try to take balanced and natural foods to avoid unwanted weight gaining.


Drinking Sugary Drinks


Most of the time we do a mistakes that we eat less foods but drinks too much drinks that contains sugar. Some healthy drinks even may prove harmful if taken too much. Even fruit drinks are loaded with sugar and can be a reason for gaining too much weight if not consumed consciously.       


Not Sleeping Properly


Are you having any problem to have a sound sleep? Do you awake too often at mid night? If it is do then you are at risk of gaining weight. When you are not sleeping then your metabolism rate slows down and you get too much calories from food as it stays long time in your stomach. According to a study, it is known that children and adults who have sleeping disorder are in a great risk of being obese.  


Besides, you should keep track on whether you are taking too much water, drinking alcohol too often, eating emotionally, and any medical condition that may cause gaining weight. It is also possible that you have set an unrealistic goal and you think you have not losing weight as per your desire. So think twice whether you are on the right track to lose weight if not then it is obvious you will gain weight.


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