Can You Lose Weight by Playing Tennis?


What if your favorite sport and weight loss program become same? Isn’t it a good idea mixing your passion and mission for a healthy and fit lifestyle? When you start enjoying anything, it becomes easy to stick for long period. You can incorporate tennis in your weight loss program. Tennis is such a game, which engages all-major parts of your body. So it brings stubborn fat in control to give your body an attractive shape.


Losing weight is solely a way of creating calorie deficit in the body and playing tennis is great to serve this purpose. This sport is a good calorie burning activity, which helps sweating as well. So you can lose weight from unwanted portion of water of your body.


Calories Burned by Tennis

Whatever workout training you like should be chosen considering how much calorie it burns. Burning calorie depends on the intensity and duration of activity. You require core muscles to play various shots. As a result, it burns fat and boosts weight loss from all parts of body equally. According to Harvard health publication a man with 155 pounds can burn almost 520 calories on competitive single.

In advanced level, you can try cardio tennis. It is a high intense tennis game in which various activities like running; grasping, pushing, and fitness drill are incorporated. According to experts, women can burn 300-500 calories and men can burn 600-1000 calories by cardio tennis.


Apart from the weight loss benefits, it improves combination of eye and body movement. Flexibility of bones etc. it helps to replace fat with lean muscles, ultimately it helps to lose weight. If you have any heart related issues, it can be prevented by playing tennis regularly. When you play this game on regular basis, it lowers cholesterol level, reduces stress. It improves your mental health and boosts your brainpower, which keeps you active throughout the day.

If you specifically want to know how much calories are burned by playing tennis then you will be surprised. General tennis game burns 414 calories, single buns 473 calories and double burns 295 calories per hour. 


Plan for Playing Tennis

When you plan to lose weight by playing tennis, you should go systematically. You have to decide how many days you can play tennis per weak along with hours per day. It is standard to play two days per week and one hour per day. Moreover, you have to find help from an expert who can instruct you for right way of playing tennis. It might be difficult for you to grasp the rules of this game at the beginning. Another important thing is your opponent. Choose your opponent carefully so that you can cope up with the rhythm of the game. Because if you play with a person who is much more competent in playing this game may prove you difficult and you may be injured. When you are good in playing this game then you challenge yourself by playing with a competent player.


Tennis is not only a good workout for losing weight but also a way to spend a quality time with your friends and enjoy the moments which is a precondition of any health issues.



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