Calories You Are Burning

On a usual day we burn around 2200 calories even we are doing just desk job, no sports or outdoor activity. It is not exactly 2200 calories for everyone. Depending on age, height and weight it can more or less. This basic calorie spenditure is called Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). So if you just even pass a idol day, you will still spend the calories indicated by BMR. You may have higher BMR if you weigh more. Your BMR can be lower than 2200, if you are too young or if your height is less.


So if you run one hour, or walk 2 hours, play football for 30 minutes, it will add up with you BMR. If you need to know how much calories you spend on a particular day you have to find your BMR ( see at the bottom) first. Then you have to calculate the calories you have spent on running, biking, swimming or walking. Add these calories to your BMR, you will get the total calories you spend on that day.


So you see sports or outdoor activities help here to increase the number of calories you burn a day. If you walk or run, or go up or down by stairs many times a day, the number will increase. Let's get some idea on these issues.


Sports and games

If you like to play football, soccer, baseball, basketball or cricket, you will be happy to know that one hour football will help you to burn 650 calories. For soccer and basketball it will be a little bit more, while for cricket and baseball it will be a little less. Now we have to take care of other factors here. The calories burned will vary depending on your age, sex, height, and weight. I mentioned 650 calories assuming you are a middle aged person, and your weight is 150 lb. Now if you weigh 200 pounds then you will burn around 750 calories for one hour of football. If you weigh 120 lb then it would be 575 calories only. Got the idea? Let's discuss other sort of activities.


Gardening or fencing

If you like gardening, that will help you burning some calories. You can burn as much as 550 calories from one hour gardening. If you like dancing, you can easily burn 175 calories in half an hour.


So how much we burn a day?

As you see you burn around 2200 calories just from regular daily activity. But if you play baseball one hour, or do some dancing, or gardening it will increase and reach easily 3000. So start making some estimate each day. After few days you can guess how much you are burning that day.


Here I have Provided a calculate a calculator to calculate your BMR. Depending on how active you are (from 'Activity Level') this calculator will also calculte your total calorie expenditure. See whatever you select your activity level, your BMR is always same. Here activity level is just making an estimate of extra calories (above BMR) you are spending on a day. If you want to know more specific calorie spenditure on different activities, check my pages on spent on Running, Biking, Swimming, Yoga, Pilates or walking.



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