Burning Calories and Burning Fat

It is a very confusing concept for many people who are trying to lose weight. People often mix both the concept use them interchangeably. As a result, they get opposite output. For example, you want to lose or burn calorie but due to lack of proper knowledge you have burned fat. So if   you don’t have a clear idea it will be difficult to flatten your stomach.


When you are trying to lose weight or flatten stomach, both require different approach. If you are trying to burn calories, it necessarily not means you are burning fat. At the same time, you cannot burn fat by burning calories.


How they are different

When you workout your body burns calories. But the source of these calories are carb which is stored in your body. If you want to burn calories from fat, your body will need oxygen. To burn fat your body needs certain amount of oxygen. For this oxygen, you have to raise your heart rate during your workout.


If you want to lose calorie from your carb sources then you will decrease water. This water reduction will lead you to less metabolism. At the same time when you lose calories from carb then you lose energy as fuel. So your muscle will lack enough energy to increase metabolism. Moreover, this less lack of energy will burn fat indirectly.


Burn fat & calories when you workout

When you workout your body goes through several stages. Among these stages, there is a one stage where your body burns fat. But at the beginning you lose calorie from carb sources. You have to work hard to satisfy your body with oxygen so that it can burn fat. You have to do workouts not too slow and not too quick. If you go medium pace you will lose energy from fat not carbs. Another important thing is the stage where you burn fat will not stay long. Rather it depends on your pace of workout you are maintaining to burn fat. Sometimes you lose weight from carb if you cannot maintain the required pace to burn fat.


Burn fat when you take rest

What is it if you burn calories when you take rest? Sounds good, Yes, you can burn fat when you take rest. For this have to do weight training. The principle is when you take rest after your weight training your body burn more calories. During weight training, you lose calories from carbs. But after weight training you start losing calories from fat. The main reason behind it is when you do weight training your metabolism is increased and this increased metabolism spends stored fat as fuel.


All these are basic about fat and calorie. Although it is difficult to deter mine for common people to determine which program will lose fat and which lose car. So you have to study about it. If you don’t understand then you should take help from a trainer who can guide you to proper way according to your goal. For this, you have to be clear about what you want. Whether it is carb or fat, be specific about them and follow the instruction of trainer.


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