Best Way to Lose Visceral Fat


Every obese people desire to lose his or her fat. However, very few of them know what type of fat they are conveying and which fat they need to lose first. There are two types of fat, one is visceral fat and the other is subcutaneous fat. Fat that remains under your skin is subcutaneous fat and this type of fat is found normally in your belly, thighs, arms etc. but visceral fat resides in your internal parts of the body. So it is bit tough to identify and remove from your body. Visceral fat is found in liver, intestine, pancreas abdomen.


Why Visceral Fat should be Removed


When you have too much visceral fat, your liver and pancreas function is interrupted. The normal hormonal activity becomes hindered. When this hormonal imbalance take place body becomes insulin resistant and star showing some health problem such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol level. It is also responsible for creating some deadly diseases such as breast cancer, dementia, stroke, colorectal cancer etc.


So it is necessary to prevent this fat to avid the chances of having these deadly diseases. To keep this fat level low you have to combine eating habit and workout.


Identifying the Problem


It is difficult to tell about which type of fat you are having without a proper diagnose. To be sure you have to do MRI or CT-Scan. But according to American medical association it can be identified if waist of a men is larger than 40 inches and woman larger than 35 inches.   


Follow Healthy Nutritional Diet


Fix your meal plan consulting an expert develop a diet that is supportive for losing visceral fat. Avoid having trans-fat and saturated fat and increase healthy fat intake. Increase volume of fresh vegetables and fruit, pure protein, carbohydrates in your daily meal. Eat foods that is made with monosaturated fat like olive, sunflower, peanut oil, canola oil and sesame oil. Coconut, avocado and grape seed oil is also very healthy.


Increase Your Activity Level


Sedentary life style has become epidemic these days. This becomes very substantial practice for many people. Increase your activity level and spend a certain time for exercise every day. Whatever exercise you perform make sure it is intense so that your fat removing process is swifted. Sometimes losing weight is beneficial for losing fat. If you can lose 10% of your total weight then you can reduce significant amount of fat. Create a calorie deficit by performing some intense workout such as cardiovascular exercise, biking, walking etc. these type of exercise mostly help to decrease visceral fat.


Have Patient 


Losing fat particularly visceral fat is a complex process. You cannot expect to lose overnight. If you only loses a modest amount of weight then you can lose a modest amount of visceral fat. Bu dot be depressed rather increase the intensity of workout and stick to the process. So that you can lose a significant amount of weight and fat. Have patient and think positive.


Live a Healthy Lifestyle


As you already know, losing visceral fat is a complex process so you have to bring a substantial change in your lifestyle. Avoid smoking, drinking, eating fat and refined foods. Stay stress free and ensure proper sleep. When all these will be combined together then you can have a concrete result.


If you want to lose some visceral fat then you should try all these steps. But be patient and wait for the best. It is obvious that result will be in favor of you.


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