Best Vegetables to Flatten Stomach


If you rank the best foods according to its benefits then vegetable will top that list. But most of the people don’t consider the amazing effects vegetables. They do not like banal taste of vegetables so that people often avoid it. But it makes your health fit and toned. Fast foods are the preferred foods that taste good and easy to made. So vegetable are no longer their favorite foods. But they lose their body attractiveness. To have a fit and attractive body you must include vegetable in your daily meal.


For maintaining, a well-toned body low fat in the body is must. Healthy fat range for men is 21%-24% and for women 14%-17%. Eating vegetable dominated foods and remaining active is a basic for flattening belly. I will discuss some vegetables necessary for having flat stomach.




This vegetable contains 96% water, which helps to lower bloating. It is low calorie vegetables and this is why it does not add any extra calorie to your belly. If you consume as raw will help to burn fatter. Besides, you can make salad without any tastemaker or you can make cucumber curry.


Chili Pepper


It is natural metabolism booster. When you eat chili pepper, your body’s fat burning capability is increased. Chili pepper contains an element named capsaicin that creates heat in the body as a result it burns fat at the same time make you crazy for fatty and sweet foods.




It is loaded with full antioxidant, which prevents lot of diseases. It also help to build a healthy and fit body. Both soluble and insoluble fiber is found in asparagus keeps you less hungry and causes you feel full for long period. It quickens removing of water from body. So you don’t feel any kind of bloating.




It is rich with many multivitamins and antioxidants. This antioxidant helps to protect eyes and lower risk of age macular degeneration. It is very good source of fiber and lutein which helps to prevent colon cancer. Niacin and zinc that is found in spinach leads to contain weight in check.


Leafy Greens


It is mostly a fiber content that helps foods to move regularly in in the intestine. So there is no chance to store in toxins in the body. At the same time, it promotes metabolism, which keeps weight in check. So unwanted fat concentration in abdominal area become difficult.


Green Beans


When you want to drop fat from your belly, you have to include plenty of carb, which green beans can supply abundantly. It has balance amount of fiber and protein. There is less chance of having so much fat in the abdominal area. Include plenty of beans in your salad and soups, which improves your stomach, activates.




It is a vitamin C rich food along with other nutrients. Fiber of it helps to get rid of toxins. It promotes digestion and burns fat from body. Eat tomato with various curry or salad.


Whatever vegetables it is, it helps to improve your metabolism and fat burning process. If you want to reduce your fat from your abdomen then keep some vegetable in your meal on daily basis. You can make vegetable soup or vegetable mash to bring little differentiation in your menu. But many people make vegetable dishes with taste maker which is harmful for abdomen and belly. This tastemaker contain sodium and other preservatives, which retain water and creates fat. But eat vegetables in minimum level so that it does cerates any problem for your health.    


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