Abs Workout for Men at Home

Ab is the main attraction point of male body. Every men have a hidden desire to have body with shaped muscle. Fit and toned male body is a symbol confidence and perfect personality. But due to fast lifestyle it becomes difficult for most of the men to maintain an attractive body. But some ab workouts are easy to perform at home as you don’t require to have any equipment.


Jackknife Sit-Up

Take an exercise mat lie down on your back. Stretch your arms towards your head and parallel to the floor. Keep your legs straight to the floor. Now take your arms and legs together bending your waist. Bend your waist until your body and floor reaches to 45° angle. Stay in this position for few seconds. Then back to starting position.


Bent-Knee Hip Raise

Lie down on the floor mat, repose your arms on the floor. Now raise your hips off the floor bending your knees and hip. Pick your knees towards your head now remain in this position for few moments. Now down your legs toward floor. You can also keep your legs straight while you take your legs off the floor.



Plank exercise concentrates your abdominal muscles so you can bring your body in proper shape. Take a position on a mat so that your knees and forearms are kept on the floor. Ensure that your toes also touches the floor and it is straight to the whole body. Now stretch your legs so that you can hold your body on your arms. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds.


Air bicycle

Lie on the floor; keep your hands behind your head. Now keep your toes flat bending your knees on the floor. Raise your legs up until it is perpendicular to the floor. Now take your left leg toward the floor, right leg curl your right knee and left elbow. Then repeat this process with your left leg and right elbow. Continue this process for 10-15 times.


Side plank

It is an advance level of plank exercise suitable for those who have done plank before. So you need to pay extra attention to handle your body weight. Lie down on your one side bending your elbow and lean your body through palm. The other side will be facing the ceiling. Now raise your hips from the floor and balance your weight through your legs and shoulder. It will take a diagonal shape. Stay in this position for thirty seconds.   


Hot Potato

Lie and repose your body to right side on the floor. Then keep your hand under your heads. Now up your left leg towards ceiling and take it down to the floor. Repeat this process for five to ten times. Then change the side and repeat the same process.

If you want to try some other type of ab workouts to bring diversification and achieve particular shape to particular ab then you can also perform flutter kicks, bicycle, superman, double leg stretch, site ups etc.


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