Abdominal Exercise


Abdominal exercise is a must if you are planning to achieve flat stomach. But remember you have to reduce food intake first, if you are overweight and heavy around your waistline. If you have layers of fat on that zone, exercise will never be able to help you to flatten your stomach. Spending many hour on exercise will help you to build muscles, but they will always be hidden below layers of fat. So budgeting calories intake and outtake is very important.


Read my pages on food habit and calorie balancing Another thing is that flat stomach, or six pack is not for only appearance, but a toned abdomen is good for health also. Since abdomen is at the center of the body, it helps to keep the body straight, to support the back, and it also help so that you can move properly form one place to another. Since you have various muscles in your abdomen, to tone all of them, there exist many kinds of abdomen exercises. Depending on the shape of your abdomen you need to perform the specific exercises. Let's list some of effective abdominal exercises :


Ab Crunches

Crunch is the basic exercise for abdomen. It is also very easy, and you can do it without help of any equipment. Read more on ab crunch.


Reverse Ab Crunches

If you practice basic crunch regularly, it may turn to be a very easy exercise. At this case many people like to go for more dificult crunch exercises. Reverse crunch is one of the options for them. So once you feel comfortable with crunch, you can start reverse crunch. It is also not that dificult, instead of chest, you will raise leg here.


Hanging leg raises exercise

Hanging leg raises is very helpful for all the abdomen area. This one specially useful for lower abs. Since lower abs is a difficult area to handle, hanging leg raise has become popular these days for flat stomach lovers.


Side bends

Side bends are helpful to Build Lateral Abdominal Muscles. If you want to build the oblique or side of the abdominal region side bend is ideal since isolating this area is difficult and side bends is the best option for this.


Transverse Abdominal Exercises

Transverse Abdominal Exercises is very useful to build transverse abdominis muscle, which is one of the most neglected muscles. This exercise helps to strengthen the core and to minimize back injury.


Abdominal bicycle crunch

In this exercise alternating elbows and knees are brought together. It results in a leg motion similar to pedaling a bicycle. Abdominal bicycle crunch is very effective for strengthening the rectus abdominis and the obliques since these two muscles are targeted in this exercise.


Bench kickbacks

Here you will place one leg on the bench and kneel and then kick the leg towards back and as high as you can. This exercise helps to build butt muscles or glutes.


Repetitions not good always

One very important thing about abdominal exercise is that, please do it properly. If you just try to follow the steps, and don't do each part of an exercise with due concentration, then it would not certainly be that much useful, though you would be able to make lot of repetitions. So quality is more important here than quantity.



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