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Pilate exercises were developed by Joseph Pilate. There are many sorts of Pilate exercises. You can practice as many types as you can. They all are good to have a healthy body. But if you are not a exercise friendly person, I will suggest you to go through at least for those which are related to stomach toning.


Pilate exercises are not like regular exercises. Joseph Pilate called them as Contrology, as these exercises are believed to have control over mind. In regular exercises the more repetitions you can do is better, but in Pilates quality is more important than quantity. You have to try to do each movement with perfection in Pilate exercises.


Many popular abs exercises can be replaced with Pilate exercises.


I am mentioning here top Pilate exercises which are excellent as abs exercises. ( If you do any of these exercise, don't forget to check with doctors, before you start).

  • Roll Over


Roll over helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles. It will help you have a good stretch for back and hamstrings. Roll over also help to increase the flexibility of your spine. Roll over can be compared as reverse crunch, which is one of the best abs eexercise.

  • Criss Cross


Criss cross works on abdominal muscles. It challenges oblique. Working on oblique helps, since oblique leads to define the waist.

  • Roll Up

Roll up is the most useful Pilates exercise for flat stomach. It is said that one roll up Pilates equal six regular sit up abs exercise. Roll up is far better than abdominal crunch. Roll up Pilates Because the move challenges your abs through Because of its fuller range of motion Roll up Pilates puts more pressure on your abs and hence it helps to build more muscles. If you are aiming for the "six-pack" muscle you need to spend some time on Roll up Pilates.

  • The Hundred


This is usually the warm up Pilates exercise. It provides core stability and strength. You need only a mat for this exercise. The regular one is a bit difficult, but you can make modification on this one, and chose a rather easy one. To some extent similar to Long arm crunch.

  • Double Leg Stretch


Double leg stretch is used to strengthen our abdominals and lower back. It is one of the top abs workout. It helps to improve coordination and core strength. Double leg stretch is comparable with crunch with heel push.

  • Plank

    Plank helps to build core strength. Though it mainly targets the abdominal and shoulder stability, the full body get challenged through this exercise.



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