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Low fat low calorie food is an important issue when you are trying to flatten your stomach by losing belly fat or you are trying to lose some weight from your body. To reach the goal you need to eye on calorie intake and make sure it’s less than the calories you are burning. Ensuring nutrition at the same time is another challenge.  Here I will try to give some information which will be helpful to select right food from grocery. Low calorie foods are usually low in fat content. If you have already read my low calorie food page, you already know that, food will be low calorie, if they contain less fat and more water. In this page I discuss which type of food will fall in this category.


My article heading is “Low fat low calorie food” and you may question, are they different things or what the relation between them is. Yes, you need to limit calorie intake and you should go for low calorie food. So low fat food isn’t your headache, right? If you are thinking so, you are making a basic mistake. One gram protein or carbohydrate means 4 calories but one gram fat contains more than double; its 9 calories per gram. So, foods rich in fat mean high calorie food. This is why when you are thinking about low calorie food you should also think about low fat food. Don’t forget the fact that low fat food means low calorie food. Low fat low calorie food will not only help you to flatten stomach or lose weight but also help you to reduce risks of life threatening cancer or cardiac disease. There is another point to note, alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, so alcohol isn’t a good thing for you when you are trying to limit calorie intake.

If a food contain less fat, or no fat automatically it will produce less calorie than the food which contain more fat. Like 1% fat one gallon milk will have certainly less calorie than one gallon regular milk. So most of the fat free foods are low fat, unless the weight is too high.


You shouldn’t forget that only avoiding foods rich in fat doesn’t guarantee healthy eating. Other low fat foods may be high calorie foods. Don’t be confused, this article is to help you to select right food item. According to experts your calorie intake in the form of fat should not be more than 30 percent. That means if you consume 100 calories; 30 calories or less may come from fat.  As I mentioned above one gram fat mean 9 calories, so if your goal is 100 calories from a meal, fat content may be around 3 grams.

Crispy rice, granola bars, Bran flakes - all are low fat low calorie food.
Among dairy products - low fat cottage cheese, low fat plain yogurt fare low calorie foods.

Lean ham, canned tuna, skinless chicken with trimmed fat are good low calorie low fat food sources.

Canned broth base soups are ideal food for those who are interested in low calorie low fat foods.


Milk and other dairy products, meat, fish, grains, poultry, sweets and baked foods whatever it is you need to keep in mind that how much calorie you can consume in a day and how much in the form of fat. In many cases there are low fat alternatives. For example there is low fat milk, low fat hot dogs, low fat cheese; you can eat only egg white avoiding the yolk. I have made a list of fat rich foods and low fat alternatives for you.


Foods rich in fat

Low fat alternative

Oil-packed tuna

Water packed tuna, don’t forget to rinse with water to reduce sodium content

Hot dogs

Low fat hot dog

Whole milk

Reduced fat milk (2%)

Low fat milk (1%)

Fat free milk (skim)

Cream cheese

Light cream or fat free cheese

Whole eggs

Egg white only or substitute



Toast with butter or margarine

Toast with jelly or honey

Coffee cream

Reduced or low fat milk or milk powder


And this list goes on, I hope it will give you an idea on how to select food items when you are cooking at home or eating outside. Don’t forget another issue of saturated and unsaturated fat. Low fat is not the only goal, you must consume healthy fat.


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