8 possible reasons why you’re not getting flat stomach


There are many examples around us that people worked so hard to flatten their stomach but eventually they were disappointed and gone back to their usual unhealthy lifestyle. Though they sacrificed a lot, followed scientifically recommended diet plan, tried various abs exercises. Actually many people make some common mistakes and some issues are overlooked. Yes you can’t get flat stomach overnight but after several months of hard working if you don’t notice any change, you should check few things. It may include your digestive system, lack of determination, lack of sleep, stress or some diseases.


Stress may be the culprit

Yes, may be stress is gathering fat around your midriff. Think about the evolution of human race from cavemen era or Stone Age to present day modern civilization. Our body mechanism is designed to react against danger. Our predecessors needed to act quickly to save themselves form carnivorous animals like tiger or fight against enemy. We were adopted to face this type of urgent situation. Our brain releases adrenaline and cortisol which provide instant energy for very short time. This energy comes from fat and sugar. Nowadays we usually don’t face situation like this. Professional, personal and family life stress has replaced that type of threat. Unfortunately our brain can’t distinguish between these stresses and other life threatening stresses. It releases adrenaline and cortisol as it has learned during the course of evolution.

So your brain has released adrenaline and cortisol, your body is ready to burn calorie from sugar and fat. But you aren’t fighting against animal, not even running. So this suddenly generated energy will be deposited as fat and your body likes to deposit it in stomach area. As this area is near to liver, it’s easy to burn fat from there when needed. But you never need to burn them and your appetite increases after the stress period, you eat again. So bottom line is, try to avoid stress.


Your body is retaining water?

Your body may be retaining water more than it should and it may be the reason why you aren’t getting flat stomach. But it’s never a good idea to limit drinking of water. Modern diets including canned foods are full of salt. Salt retains water in cells. So you need to avoid excess salt and wash canned food with enough water so that salt goes away. 


Are you eating too much before exercise?

You need to eat before abs workouts to ensure steady flow of energy during the exercise period. But eating too much is counterproductive. You should replace simple sugar with complex carbohydrate so that your blood sugar level does not fluctuate. Snacks with little protein and healthy fat will supply much needed energy during workout period. You can choose nuts and protein smoothies. Never eat too long before exercise.


Replaced sugar products with unhealthy sugar substitutes?

You love sweets; you are also desperate to have flat stomach because you will join on the beach with others in upcoming summer. So you have decided to cut sugar from many foods and drinks including much loved morning tea or coffee. Since you love sweet you opted for sugar substitutes like xylitol or maltitol. Yes they are low in calories, but your digestive system may not suit these sugar substitutes. This may led to bloating. If this is the case you can’t get a flat stomach with sugar substitutes.


Skipping breakfast?

Do you skip breakfast regularly? If yes, then you are more likely to become obese. As I mentioned above our body has a tendency to gather fat around midriff. According to a research report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology those who skip breakfast is more likely to become obese. Those how take healthy breakfast get much needed energy for rest of the day and can perform better than breakfast skipping counterparts. On the other hand skipping breakfast means increasing likelihood of consuming unhealthy high calorie foods, which means decreasing chance of getting flat stomach.


Eating too much processed food?

Though still there is no conclusive evidence that food preservatives are linked to obesity but some researchers are convinced that we should try to avoid food preservatives to avoid obesity. According to a study published in journal Nature February 2015, artificial preservatives may cause bowel disease and obesity.

Immunologist Andrew Gewirtz and his team at Georgia State University in Atlanta fed carboxymethylcellulose and polysorbate-80 to mice, which are very common in western processed foods. Those mice developed some metabolic problems and became obese.

Another study at Weizmann Institute claimed there may be link between obesity and artificial sweetener. Immunologist Andrew Gewirtz has concluded, it’s not easy to find emulsifier and preservative free food but we should try to eat less processed food to avoid obesity metabolic disorders.



May be fat isn’t the only problem for you. May be its bloating, which is making the situation worse. Bloating may be because of digestive issues causing constipation and gas inside your intestine. So find healthy and most suitable foods for you. Instead of low carb and low calories foods you can consume whole grain foods. Too much protein may also cause problem. 


Is your thyroid gland working properly?

Your thyroid gland may be behind your fatty stomach. Thyroid gland located in our throat produces thyroid hormone and that hormone regulates our metabolism. Shortage of thyroid hormone may affect metabolism and cause obesity. So after all the hard working to get a flat stomach if you don’t see satisfactory result, your doctor may advise blood test to check thyroid hormone level.


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